Acrylic Nail Fungus Infections

Acrylic nails are stronger and help those who have weak nails that split and break easily.  Because of this, many people choose to use acrylic nails so that they may have attractive, healthy looking nails.

Acrylic Nail Fungus InfectionsFungus growth is a possibility with acrylic nails. This happens when there is bleeding and the application of the nail is not done in a properly clean way. Fungus can set up between the real nail and the acrylic nail. Most nail salons are very clean and practice proper hygiene, but some don’t. So make sure the salon you go to cleans and sterilizes their equipment with antibacterial products.

Trying as hard as you can doesn’t always help keep fungus out. If a fungus is already attached to the nail or passed through non-sterilized equipment, you can be infected. The nail salon specialist is trained to recognize any nail anomaly. Knowing this, they will tell you that you should not have the acrylic nail put on; that it will give the fungus a perfect place to thrive.

If the acrylic nail was placed over the fungus attached to the real nail, it would give the fungus protection, warmth and humidity that it needs to thrive. The nail salon specialist will tell you how to manage and what treatment options there are for getting rid of the fungus.

What If I do Become Infected?

  • Apply Lamisil cream (an over-the-counter product) to the top, bottom and surrounding skin of the affected nail.
  • Apply Tea Tree Oil, an antiseptic and antifungal, to the top, underneath and surrounding skin, and affected area every day.
  • Cleaning out dirt, food and gunk from under the nail can help keep the fungus thriving.  Afterwards, swab the area with rubbing alcohol to kill any fungal growth that’s already there.
  • Your last option is going to your doctor and getting a prescribed medication to help get rid of the fungus. These typically come with serious side effects that can damage the liver. This means you need to ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to use these medications.