GERLAN Nail Care contains a high amount of wheat germ oil with vitamin E and active ingredients from the essential oil of chamomile. It stimulates nail growth and gives flexibility to broken and torn nails.

Active ingredients including Bisabolol and undecylenic acid monoethanolamide support the treatment of fungal infections.  GEHWOL Gerlan Nail Care is for use on finger and toe nails and to support the treatment of nail mycosis. It also Promotes nail growth.

GEHWOL Gerlan Nail Care Ingredients

Active Ingredients include wheat Germ oil, Vitamin E Bisabolol, undezlenic acid and monoethanolamide Specific amounts of ingredients  in millimeters was not provided in source material.


No specific dosage information was provided in source material beyond the fact that this product comes in a 0.5 once bottle.


No price information was provided in source material.

GEHWOL Gerlan Nail Care Guarantee

No information on product or money back guarantees was provided in source material.


Source material provided only limited or no information on key information such as price and dosage about this product.  Any one considering using this product should be prepared to do more research on the product itself or to contact a medical professional or the vendor.

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