Fungistop is a nail fungus treatment, which uses a brush-on formula to cure minor fungal infections. It uses essential oils to bring relief from the symptoms associated with fungal infections, such as itching, cracking, burning and other discomfort. The product is able to be used on both finger and toenails.

Fungistop comes in a bright blue and red box with lettering and a large picture of a fungal nail on the front–it’s certainly eye catching! To find out more about Fungistop, I looked into the ingredients, cost and guarantee of the product.

Dermal Therapy Fungistop Ingredients

  • Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil) 250 mg/g: Helps relieve the symptoms of minor fungal nail infections
  • Eucalyptus Oil 20 mg/g
  • Myrrh Oil 5 mg/g
  • Pine Oil Aromatic 5 mg/g

How Do You Use This?

To use Fungistop, you should apply the polish to the top, underneath and side of the infected nail. Fungistop should be used twice daily until the nail condition improves or clears.


I was able to find Fungistop at a few different online retailers varying in price from $21.49 to $29.95 for one 30 ml container. This price is certainly not a bad deal for a fungal-nail treatment product.

Dermal Therapy Fungistop Guarantee

I was unable to find an official guarantee on the official Fungistop website. Other online retailers may offer their own guarantees, but they will vary place to place. I was only able to see two user reviews: one that gave 5/5 stars and another that gave 3/5 stars for an overall rating of 4/5 stars, a good rating for Fungistop.


Fungistop is a product to cure minor fungal infections. It offers a number of active ingredients in the product which will help fight fungal infections, mostly relying on Tea Tree Oil. It is applied very simply by brushing it on and around the affected nail twice daily until the nail improves and heals. I was able to find Fungistop for sale for under $30 from different online retailers, a good price for such a product. Unfortunately, no guarantee could be offered from the manufacturers themselves, and what reviews I could see gave no further details except for a rating out of five.


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