Nailexpert by Wartner is a product which works to clear nail fungus and prevent it in the future.

It is a revolutionary new medical device which claims to be highly effective and works better than the leading brands to get rid of irritating fungus. But is this all talk?

How Nailexpert By Wartner Works

Nailexpert is a medical device which produces a film across the nails to ensure that nail fungus will not only go away, but will also not return.

  • Film-forming silicone oils create an inhospitable environment for nail fungus. The selected oils create a non-permeable film on the nails that fights against fungi. It also clears up the fungus that is already there by stifling the nutrients that fungi need to survive.
  • D-pantenol is a regenerating and moisturizing substance that will help your nails regrow fungus-free.

Nailexpert should be applied twice a day until the package is used up, or until symptoms are completely gone. This is approximately 4-12 weeks. You should apply Nailexpert to completely clean and dry nails that are nail-polish free. Completely saturate the brush and apply it to the affected nails. Let it dry, and repeat two more times. Do this twice a day. This is a fairly extensive application process compared to other antifungals, however the quick recovery time makes up for it.

Possible Side Effects

Due to the fact that Nailexpert contains non invasive and clinically tested oils and moisturizers, side effects are rare and minimal. Some have experienced irritation and interactions with other prescription drugs. Furthermore, this product is not designed for children.

Is This Affordable?

Nailexpert can be found at several domestic vendors, anywhere from $12.96 to $30.00. It comes in a tube that last for 400 applications.

Should You Try Nailexpert By Wartner?

Nailexpert boasts a quick recovery time, but the process is quite extensive and there are no reviews to support their claims.

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