PurNail is a product that is, according to the manufacturer, scientifically proven to eliminate nail fungus. PurNail starts working immediately after application by using a powerful Undecylenic Acid formula and comes in a white bottle with a black cap and blue and green lettering on the front.

We were interested in the strong claims this website made for PurNail and decided to investigate further.


PurNail Ingredients

PurNail contains the active ingredient of Undecylenic Acid, which is FDA approved to cure fungal infections.

In addition to Undecylenic Acid, the product also includes a proprietary blend of natural oils and skin conditioners. This blend penetrates deep under the hard layer of the fungal nail to treat the infection at its source, while also protecting and healing the skin around your nails. However, a detailed list of ingredients could not be found, which we felt was a little less than transparent. As in our #1 pick, a clear breakdown of contents is fundamental.


PurNail should be applied to the affected area twice a day. After thoroughly cleansing the affected area with warm water and soap, you should completely cover the nail and the skin around the nail with PurNail using the included applicator brush. Users should try to cover the entire nail as thoroughly as possible and to ensure that no area remains untreated. The product may show visible signs of success after 1 or 2 months. Nevertheless, results will vary from person to person, so users should continue to use PurNail until nails look healthy again.


PurNail was offered in different packages for different severity of nail fungus. If you have less than 3 infected nails or your toenail fungus infection is in the earliest stage, then one bottle of PurNail should be enough to treat your nail fungus. One bottle costs $59.99 for 1 month’s supply. Three or more infected nails generally require 2 or 3 bottles which cost $119.95. For more severe infections requiring a greater amount of PurNail to be applied will cost $179.95.

PurNail Guarantee

Their website states that PurNail is guaranteed to work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but then of course it would say that!  In addition to this claim, the website backs this up with a 60-day money back guarantee, certainly putting its money where its mouth is. (If they are so confident though, why not offer longer?!!).


PurNail seems like a product that is thoroughly backed by its manufacturers and has a strong guarantee and money-back system in place, albeit, we question why only 60 days money back guarantee, why not longer? However, we were unable to find any personal reviews from users, which definitely lowered its appeal for us. The website offers three different package options for purchase depending on severity of the fungus, but we did find the price to be quite high, especially at $59.95 for just 1 month of treatment. Plus, we felt that they should be more open about the ingredients it contains, as in our #1 pick.

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