Nail-Rx by Native Remedies is a product that treats nail fungus. It promotes healthy and strong nail beds, and uses clinically tested ingredients to rid fungus, yellowing, and discoloration.


Nail-Rx – Nail Care Remedy Ingredients

  • Tea Tree Oil has been used for years to clear fungus on the nails and skin. The oil has natural properties which will allow your nails to be healthy and strong, and clear unwanted fungus.
  • Lavender Oil moisturizes your skin and nails so fungus will not regrow, and is a sweet-smelling fragrance that will get rid of fungal smells.
  • Lemongrass promotes nail and skin health, and is known for its nail-regenerating properties.
  • Clove Oil is a tonic that helps moisturize and strengthen the skin and nails.

These ingredients are not only all-natural, but also highly effective in treating nail fungus.

NailRx should be applied 2-3 times daily using a cotton swab. You should continue treatment at least until symptoms dissipate. For best results, you should continue for several weeks after symptoms are completely gone.

Side Effects

Due to its all-natural composition, side effects of NailRx are minimal and rare. However, some users have reported irritation or discoloration. Discoloration due to penetration of lemongrass oil is normal, and will generally go away within a week or so.

Is Nail-Rx – Nail Care Remedy Affordable?

You can buy a 15 mL bottle of NailRx from the manufacturer for $12.95. If you buy two bottles at $25.90, you can get one free. Furthermore, the manufacturer frequently offers promotional discounts. At present, they are offering 25% off of orders $125.00 or more.

Is This A Good Anti-Fungal Medicine?

NailRx is an all-natural and safe way to get rid of irritating fungus. However, there are not a lot of reviews about the product and its effectiveness.


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