This review looks at a product called Kerasal Nail which works to improve the appearance of toenails and fingernails damaged by fungus, psoriasis or trauma. The manufacturer of Kerasal state that it contains a nail-penetrating formula that works directly on and around the nail, to normalize thickened nails, reduce discoloration, and restore healthy nail appearance.

We felt that this product warranted further investigation to discover what Kerasal was really like and how effective it really is.

Kerasal Nail Ingredients

Kerasal Nail’s patented formula combines:


Kerasal Nail should be applied just once a day to the discolored/deformed nail, according to the manufacturer. The amount of time needed to continue treatment will vary depending on severity of the fungus or psoriasis. Users will see changes within 2 – 4 weeks but the normal length of treatment is anywhere from 3 – 6 months. Ideally you would continue to use Kerasal Nail until a normal nail has grown in. We think their 2-4 weeks prediction is slightly unrealistic, especially for infections that have been present for sometime.  There are other factors to consider such as the type of footwear that is worn and whether or not, sufferers are allowing their feet/nails to be exposed to the air to speed up healing.  We would like to have seen some advice on this.


We were able to find Kerasal Nail on for $17.24. This was for a 10ml tube of Kerasal Nail, which the box states is a 3-month supply. The low cost is appealing but raises some concerns about the quality of the ingredients used in product formulation. More often than not, cheap price is reflective on the quality of ingredients.

Kerasal Nail Guarantee

We were unable to find any kind of  money back guarantee for Kerasal Nail. Their website says that it is a clinically proven product, yet we could not find any substantive evidence to backup this claim. Kerasal’s website along with many of the online stock sites have reviews and testimonials for the product, some were positive and others negative.


Kerasal Nail is a product that appears quite affordable and good value for money. However, that said, upon further exploration, the ingredients seem somewhat questionable as we were unable to find any clinical evidence for their effectiveness for treating fungus infections. One of the most effective ingredients for eliminating fungus infections is undecylenic acid, which is supported by clinical studies. This product may well benefit from such an ingredient. We were also very disappointed to see that this manufacturer does not put their money where their mouth is and offer an effective money back guarantee. A good money back guarantee shows confidence in a product so this was definitely a negative point for them.

Overall, while this product may be helpful for some consumers, there are other, more effective options worth looking into with more clinically proven ingredients more beneficial and effective at both treating the symptoms of fungal infections and addressing the root causes to aid prevention, before simply settling on this product.

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