It is short and stout, blue accented white and clean looking. With this simplistic packaging, it makes you imagine that this serum is everything you need.

The product focuses on its claim that it is non-irritating and can heal the problem immediately while controlling unsightly nail problems without the use of Tolnaftate. This claim is taken into consideration by many as evidenced by reviews and information online.

OPI Fungus Fix Ingredients

The main ingredients of this solution include:

  • Undecylenoyl Glycine – this is a widely known anti-fungal ingredients that inhibits fungal growth on the skin area
  • Usnic acid – a natural derivative of lichens or moss

Recommended Dosage

When using the serum, apply it over the nail twice daily. It could even be applied even if you have artificial nails or lacquer on it.

Possible Side-Effects

There are no side effects. Just be careful in using as there is no brush applicator, so putting it on nails may risk you running on an oily mess.


It is priced at $12.78 per 1.0 oz.

OPI Fungus Fix Guarantee

There is no guarantee indicated on the box or on the site. It is patent-pending and is salon tried for effectiveness.


OPI Fungus Fix is still on its way to be patented and used for many to treat fungus. For $12.78 an ounce, it is cheap but the only thing which makes it not preferable for many. It contains Undecylenoyl Glycine and Usnic Acid contained in a serum form which is oily in appearance. These ingredients are proven anti-fungal substances but only works on the skin area.

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