The Vite20 Antifungal Cream has been considered to be one of the best options for your problem in antifungal nail infection. This may be availed even without a prescription and that it can be just the anti fungal cream that you need for your nail problem. As it is medically proven in order to penetrate to the very root cause of the nail problem, it quickly works its way so the fungal problem so that you don’t need to suffer for an embarrassing feet.

The formula for the Vite20 Antifungal cream destroys stubborn fungus that may have keep on coming back. It also moisturizes the skin and that it works also by relieving the burning and the itching sensation.

Vite20 Antifungal Cream Ingredients

These are considered to be the ingredients of the Vite20 Antifungal Cream:

  • Undecylenic acid: This is a certain kind of emollient that helps in the treatment of fungal infection.
  • Tea tree oil: It helps in the moisturization of the skin leaving it soft and dry free.
  • Clotrimazole: It helps prevent the burning and the itching sensation
  • Lavender oil:  it ensures that the skin remains healthy


Ideally, it should be applied on the applied area and with just one drop it can effectively work in the affected area. However, if is being prescribed by the doctor, the application of it may vary depending on how severe the antifungal problem is.

Possible Side Effects

Given the fact that it is safe and all natural, the user of which will have trouble experiencing any bad and untoward side effects.


The Vite20 Antifungal Cream is priced at $19.99 but once you are able to avail of its discounted rates and promos, you would be able to enjoy it at $14.99. Just use the code provided upon check out from selected online outlets.

Vite20 Antifungal Cream Guarantee

The Vite20 Antifungal Cream does not come with any form of guarantee.

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