Curing Toenail Fungus with Tea Tree Oil

It is not very common for a doctor to recommend natural remedies for treatment of nail fungus. They tend to recommend prescription medications. However, Tea Tree Oil is completely overlooked even though it has been shown effective in treating nail fungus and completely eliminating it. The Mayo Clinic, a well-known source, confirms that Tea Tree Oil is effective. Why is this particular oil effective? It has its own natural anti-fungal properties.

How to Cure Toenail Fungus with Tea Tree OilTea Tree Oil comes from a plant native to Australia. People have it used for centuries to treat infections of various origins. The plant has antimicrobial properties effective in treating infections. The medical community sees a lot of potential in using this oil to treat infections, but they still typically rely solely on man-made medications rather than recommending natural remedies. Treating fungal infections can take a long time and it is very common for someone to give up and drop out of a trial, which throws off the results. Losing just one person from a trial can cause a study to be inconclusive or completely void the trial all together.

The Popularity of Tea Tree Oil

It doesn’t matter how many studies exist on this product, the general public has taken to it extremely well. Tea Tree Oil can be found in a lot of products and a lot of distributors love it. All through the internet you can find people talking about how Tea Tree Oil helped treat their nail fungus and how well it worked. You can find this both on distributor’s testimonials and on different websites.

Customers were excited by the way the treatments worked. The treatments work differently depending on the person and don’t work for everyone.

For Tea Tree Oil to work, it is recommended to be 100% pure and applied directly to the affected nail, as well as the skin around it. This is because this is the perfect place for the fungus to hide. In order for it to be completely effective, it is recommended to use a Tea Tree Oil soap and wash thoroughly with it. Afterwards, you should dry your feet or hands completely and then apply the Tea Tree Oil to the affected area. It should be used several times per day. It is important to be very careful not to use too much. This is because it can irritate the skin.

Tee Tree Oil is a topical treatment. Never ingest it under any circumstances. If ingested, it can cause a severe toxic reaction.

If at any point during treatment with Tea Tree Oil you experience any symptoms of allergic reaction, stop using it immediately and contact your doctor.

Even though Tea Tree Oil is a natural treatment, let your doctor know that you are using it and keep him or her up to date on how your treatment is going.