Toenail fungus infections and fingernail fungus infections can be cured with Varisi.

According to the product source Varisi is a “formula for clean and healthy toenails and fingernails”  that cures toenail fungus and fingernail fungus infections even when artificial products such as acrylics, silk and fiberglass nails covering the nail surface

Varisi Nail Fungus Ingredients

Ingredients include the following although specific amounts for each are not given in the product source.

  • Distilled Water,
  • Citrus Extracts,
  • Ascorbic Acid,
  • Glycerin.


The product source provides ample information about product use and application depending on nail condition but does not provide a specific dose size.   Partial information about product use is included below.

If the nail is thick and hard:

Apply Varisi for 21 days (3 weeks) in the morning and evening, regardless of what the nail looks like. After the 3 weeks, file the nail down from the top towards the nail bed without making the area bleed. Then clean the nail with Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) or alcohol or water. Next, apply Varisi on the nail and around the nail on the skin.

Finally apply Varisi every day, mornings and evenings until a clear and healthy nail has grown back. In the evening clean the nail with a soft brush and Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol.  Apply Varisi on and around and under the nail.

If the nail is only discolored:

Apply Varisi to the discolored nail in the morning. It can or should also be applied to healthy looking nails because the nail fungus could already have invaded the (still healthy looking) nail.

In the evening clean the nail with a soft brush and Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol. Apply Varisi on and around and under the nail.


The price ranges from $16.95 for a single bottle container with a $6.00 shipping charge to $89.95 for a six pack with free shipping.  The product source does not provide any information on the amount of the product  in fluid ounces contained in each bottle.

Varisi Nail Fungus Guarantee

The product vendor offers a money back guarantee that is well described in the product source (web site). No product reviews from users, however, have been included.


The vendor for this product has done a very good job of describing the product and the product use in their website (product source).  Application instructions are particularly clear and complete.  Because of this and the money back guarantee purchasers are taking limited risk in purchasing this product, particularly if starting with a single product bottle to see how well it works for them.

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