The product source contains a wide selection of nail powered, nail cover and nail repair and correction products. Product features include the following:

  • Covers imperfections in the natural nail,
  • Covers and extend the nail bed,
  • Can be used to create the nail bed first when doing the reverse technique of nail acrylic application,
  • Does not contain product shimmer,
  • Is available in six color shades,
  • Can use the product with nail-forms to sculpture the entire nail,
  • Can use the product with nail-tips as overlays,
  • Can create the entire nail with a one color process for a natural polished look,
  • A strong and durable product,
  • Can correct unevenly shaped nail-beds.

Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Powder Ingredients

The product source only listed Acrylic Nail Powder, a polymer, as an ingredient.


The product source contained no information about product application or dosage.


Prices listed in the product source ranged from $15.95 (a single 1.5 once container) to $44.95 (five 1.5 once containers).

Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Powder Guarantee

The product source contained no information about product guarantees or company return policies.


Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Product comes in a wide variety of colors and styles with a wide price range depending on how much of the product a customer orders, whether the product is on sale or not and if the product can be purchased as a package including more than one 1.5 once product container. This is a product to experiment with by trying it out first with a single purchase of a 1.5 once container, for example.

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