FixaFungus Toenail Fungus Treatment is an easy to use treatment system for eliminating the fungus that infects finger and toe nails. Fixafungus uses a two-step system, with a pre-treatment followed by an antifungal treatment, which reaches under the nail plate to the fungus below. The pre-treatment helps to make the nail plate more permeable, this enables the broad spectrum antifungal to be used in the second step to penetrate deep into and below the nail bed to where the fungus infection lurks. Fixafungus uses a patent pending Fungicillin, which contains over 10 proven and synergistic fungicidal compounds to effectively treat and cure fungus.

Fixafungus comes in a nice blue box with a clear ‘Fixafungus’ logo and eye catching picture of legs and toes. I looked further to see whether Fixafungus can fix fungus or not.


Fixafungus has a two-step treatment plan with different ingredients.

The Pre-Treament:

Keratrate: Penetration enhancer for ungual (under the nail) drug delivery, which allows the antifungal treatment to work.

The Antifungal Treatment:

Fungicillin: Broad spectrum antifungal created by FixaFungus and composed of natural organic compounds extracted from a variety essential oils and food additives. The proprietary blend includes Manuka oil, red thyme oil, oil of oregano, Foraha/Tamanu oil, turpentine, castor oil, Melaleuca oil, clove tree, eucalyptus and garlic.

How Do You Use These?

To use Fixafungus first you must wash the affected area and dry thoroughly.  Fixafungus is a two part product, the pre-treatment and an antifungal treatment.


Firstly follow the instructions to mix the pre-treatment product correctly. Secondly you must brush lotion directly onto the affected nail, avoiding the surrounding skin. After this the pre-treatment must be refrigerated until next used. The pre-treatment must dry completely (about 10 minutes) before the anti-fungal treatment.

Antifungal Treatment:

Apply a thin layer of FixaFungus Toe and Nail Antifungal Treatment directly onto the nail and the skin immediately surrounding it.

Each package is good for one month’s treatment and the pre-treatment lotion has an expiration date of four weeks after activation.


On the official Fixafungus website you can buy one package for $49.95. I was unable to find it for sale on other websites. Considering that one package only lasts for one month of treatment that makes Fixafungus quite an expensive option.


Yes. FixaFungus is confident in their products and offers a 110% customer satisfaction guarantee. They have a 60 day money-back guarantee. If buyers send back the products the company will refund your money plus 10% as a show of their support for Fixafungus. This is very reassuring for buyers out there who want to ensure they are buying from a manufacturer which backs their products.

There were also four very complementary testimonials left on the Fixafungus website which bodes well for prospective buyers.

Closing Comments

Fixafungus is product which will eliminate fungus in the finger and toe nails. It uses a two-step program, firstly a pre-treatment and then an antifungal treatment. Their antifungal treatment uses a product created by Fixafungus called Fungicillin. While Fixafungus contains a purpose made ingredient it is also an elaborate product which could be quite annoying to apply, you must first mix a pre-treatment lotion, apply that, and then after waiting for that to try, apply to antifungal. The pre-treatment must be refrigerated and expires after just four weeks. The $49.95 price tag coupled with the expiration date makes this product quite an expensive one if you need repeat treatment.

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