dermaRiche is a product that cures toenail fungus naturally and efficiently.

It claims to be 12 times stronger against fungus than other products because of its formula, which has been scientifically proven to work and is all-natural. But does it really work?


dermaRiche Ingredients

dermaRiche’s unique formula has natural and powerful active ingredients.

  • Manuka oil is a product derived from a flower and has proven to be twelve times more effective than tea tree oil! Users report great results after using this oil, and it has been clinically proven to work, both naturally and effectively, to treat these kinds of fungal infections. Furthermore, it will relieve itching within minutes of application.
  • Lavender oil kills fungi that cause jock itch, athlete’s foot and ringworm. Lavender has been clinically proven to be very effective in fungal infection cures, with little side effects.
  • Oregano works to get rid of germs present on the skin that lead to fungal infections.
  • Lemongrass fights the irritation caused by fungal infections and relieves the itching and burning sensations. When paired with lavender, it’s effectiveness doubles!
  • Cloves are both an antiseptic and antifungal. They are also a powerful antioxidant, which ensures your nails will grow back stronger than before.
  • Kukui nut oil is a Hawaiian holistic remedy that has been used for ages to treat fungal infections.

These ingredients together ensure healthy regrowth, instant relief, and a cure for any fungal infections such as ringworm.

How To Use

This product comes in a spray-bottle. Users simply point and spray once or twice a day, as needed. It is recommended that users continue application until a new nail grows, about 6 to 8 months. This makes long-term results possible.

For ringworm, users apply until infection dissipates, generally 3 days.

Possible Side Effects

Because of it’s all-natural and oil-based formula, dermaRiche does not produce many side effects. It is safe to use on both adults and children. Side effects can include allergic reactions to any of the ingredients, which will result in hives, burning and itching. If the user experiences these, they should stop use and try other products.

Is It Affordable?

dermaRiche can be purchased from the manufacturer for a range of prices depending on how many you order. The best deal includes three bottles and free shipping, at $119.95. However, for one bottle there is a money back guarantee. This bottle is $39.95, but the guarantee makes it worth it.

Users can find more affordable options through vendors such as Amazon, where a bottle is only $19.99, but without the guarantee.

Is dermaRiche Worth It?

dermaRiche treats more than one type of fungus–from toenails to ringworm, which makes it a competitive product.

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