Nailpure Professional Nail Fungus Treatment is covered in green accented brown smooth covering the whole bottle body which tells us that it is modern yet functional.

The treatment makes use of the claim that it treats nail fungus to the roots and helps in making the nails look better during the treatment period.

This is not something to be taken easily, but online statements revealed a few truths about this product.

Nailpure Professional Nail Fungus Treatment Ingredients

  • Tolnaftate – a proven safe and antifungal treatment for fungal infections of the skin and nails.
  • Manuka Tree Oil – this oil is low density and can easily penetrate the skin for easier fungal treatment
  • Ethanoic Acid – also known as acetic acid. It softens the nails and the fibrous build up on the nail surface making fungal treatment easier
  • Tea Tree Oil – one of the known home remedies for fungus infection as it changes the structure of the organism’s cell membrane
  • Seed oils (Sesame, Sunflower, Jojoba) – these oils help in smoothing out the skin, facilitates in penetration of Tolnaftate and heal and repair the nails.
  • Sweet Almond oil – emollients
  • Vitamin E – emollients


It is used twice daily. The topical application can be applied using the built in applicator brush.

Possible Side-Effects

There is no side effect of using the fungal treatment.


A bottle of the anti-fungus treatment costs $49.95.

Nailpure Professional Nail Fungus Treatment Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee. There is no indication on the site about possible hazards caused by products.


Nailpure Professional Nail Fungus treatment is a good product to use. With its natural key ingredients, it could easily heal nail fungus. The downside with this treatment is that it has no money-back guarantee.

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