Home Remedies can fight Fungal Infections

‘Home remedy’, is the phrase people think of when something has been passed through generations of family or many people by word of mouth. In some cases, these home remedies do work. Most of these remedies were brought about by people when it wasn’t easy to get to a doctor; so they used the next best thing, by using household items.

Many people agree that many of these home remedies work for nail fungus. Applying Vicks VapoRub, or soaking the nail in Listerine, vinegar, bleach, peroxide, or various essential oils on the affected areas of skin can help.

Although bleach is an item we don’t recommend, people online have suggested it.

Some Useful RemediesFungal Toenail Infections and Using Home Remedies

These items change the pH level of the area you apply them to. Since fungus needs a certain amount of pH, this makes it unlivable for the nail fungus. Doing this may affect any other skin that comes in contact with the area. This can cause the skin to dry out, which can cause it to be more susceptible to infection. To help keep this from happening, you can take the solution of vinegar or Listerine and soak a cotton ball in it. Then apply it to the affected area for 15-20 minutes. This will keep the healthy skin around the infection from becoming dry and lower risk for infection.

Many people ask why or how Vicks VapoRub can work. It is pretty unanimous that the eucalyptus rub does show quick results in clearing up toenail fungus. To do this you must rub the entire affected area with the compound. You should see results in clearing of the infection in just a few days.

Although proven to be effective, rubbing alcohol or peroxide can irritate the skin.

If applied to the nail and the area around the infection they will kill the toenail fungus.

When using these remedies remember to be smart about it. All of them have been shown to help slow, kill and/or remove toenail fungus. But, just like any other medications, over-the-counter or prescribed, you should stop treatment right away if the infection gets worse or spreads. If the infected area is already releasing pus or has separated from the nail, don’t use these remedies and seek advice from your healthcare provider.